Ministry of Presence
Our ministry divides its efforts into four sections.
Social Services

We support individuals in meeting their basic needs through direct services and referrals to support the well-being of families.

  • Online Counseling
  • Cultural events and celebrations
  • Food distribution

We empower individuals to be more self-directive.

  • Personal Finances
  • Natural Family Planning
  • After School Tutoring Program

Through certified interpreters, we help the community to overcome the language barrier to access services and resources.

  • Medical
  • Legal
  • School

We provide transportation to eligible clients who do not have access to appropriate transportation to and from scheduled appointments.

Support Services
We work in a cooperative, collaborative and inclusive manner with other local organizations to serve the Hispanic community. Through our various services, we built bridges to help and facilitate the access of the Hispanic population in Mid-Missouri counties to health care, educational opportunities, and resources to strengthen their families.

We strive to provide services of support and advocacy to those who are single parents, vulnerable, elderly, sick, low income families. 
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