The mission of El Puente-Hispanic Ministry is to make present the healing love of Jesus the Incarnate Word, promoting human dignity through a ministry of presence and outreach to the Hispanic community.


Our Hispanic neighbors will feel welcome and thrive in Church and society.


Core Values of El Puente – Hispanic Ministry

  • Dignity of every human person
  • Compassion
  • Collaboration

We, the members of the board, staff and volunteers will demonstrate these values in all decision-making and provision of services in these ways:

  • We will listen to our clients and treat them with dignity, respect and compassion.
  •  We will embody and live the Gospel message and the Catholic Social Teaching of the Church in our service to clients and others.
  • We will be present to our clients and others with an attitude of openness and acceptance and allow ourselves to be touched by their stories, situations and needs.
  • We will interact with each other in an open, friendly, respectful and supportive manner, recognizing and appreciating the challenges facing and the contributions of each group and individual. Teamwork will be the hallmark of our interactions.
  • We will work in a cooperative, collaborative and inclusive manner with other organizations serving the Hispanic community and attempt to avoid situations marked by competitiveness and exclusion.
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